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NervaThe Sky Wheel

#355The Sky Wheel

Created by Nerva in 2022

Figure size: 140 cm, 70 cm

Giclée painting on canvas

Subject: Nature Surrealism Architecture Fantasy Cubism Sports Science Technical

Every Copy Is Unique

This series has no equal copies, each copy is a unique variation of the original. There will never be any identical copies of any existing item.

If you wish you can tell the artist what you like better (for instance, if you would love to see more yellow) so the artist can take it into account while completing your order. All copies will look similar in general, but they differ in details.

So, if you order this picture, you will finally get a unique copy and you will be the only one in the world owning such a picture.

A unique title

Each copy will be given its own customized title by the artist. This is why the original title is incomplete.

Buyer friendly pricing

The first copy will be sold for a very low base price. Each order will raise its price by a certain percentage. So the current price is the actual stock price at the moment based on orders received so far. Please note the following:

  • This will ensure the price of the picture is accurate for the current market or is lower than that.
  • This system is much better than auction, because every buyer will be able to buy the picture for the price the picture is currently available for, and the price will raise after that sales.
  • Any future sales of a picture in the same series will also affect positively to the value of pictures sold before. If you have bought one for yourself then you may want to check some time later how its price has gone up.
  • Fair business for the artist too: if the artist did not make such a good picture he will earn really nothing, but in case of a masterpiece the artist gets payed respectively.

Delivery time and ordering for a present

If you have given any customization requests for your copy, please note it takes about a week to complete your order.

In case you need the picture by a specific date (like when you need to hand it over as a present), you may ask if the artist has any copy ready to be sent out immediatelly.

How to order

Place your order here: click on the Add to cart button; choose a framing option; complete your checkout. If you have ideas about your copy or you wish the Artist to contact you before completing your order, please mention it in the Comment box.

After checkout and when you are happy with the communication, make your payment to confirm your order.

Before the picture will be finalized you will receive an electronical preview for your approval. This way you can have the artist make some final adjustments if needed.

It will take only a few days to finally complete the order (including possible framing service). Shipping time depends on the destination country. Please ask if you need more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

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